"Each product goes through strict quality supervision and testing systems at every stage of production -
from the raw material to the finish product."

JASMIN BRASS INDUSTRIES is fully committed to provide the best quality products. Each & Every Product supplied by us in manufactured under strict quality supervision & in accordance with our ISO Quality Control Systems. Trained quality control persons measure and inspect according to the prescribed norms in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
Our all products are complied with our Quality Control Systems: ISO 9001:2015. it's data are regularly audited by company Management and External Auditors.
We have a deep engineering experience and technical expertise for deliver the high close tolerance in the mass production of any part. Our experienced and trained quality control persons inspect very strictly to each product according to approved drawing at every production stage.
We have unique Inspection facility with the reliable testing instruments for achieve goal of zero defect products. We believe in the Quality Control Instruments are the Heart-Beats of the high-quality products. Our Quality Control Division is well equipped with accurate instruments including Spectro Metal Analyzer, Profile Projector, Digital Vernier Calipers and Micrometers, Gauges, Degree Protractors, Torque Wrench and general-purpose instruments. We use reliable instruments of the MITUTOYO, HIP, BEKER etc
for quality assurance.
We always pay attention on calibration and maintenance of testing instruments as well as employee training and motivation.
Our four main Segments – Quality Planning, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement.
  • In-coming raw material testing.
  • In process dimensional and visual checking.
  • Final dimensional and 100% visual checking
  • Preparing the final inspection report.
And any other necessary tests depending on the product and customer's requirements. Our ‘Final Inspection Report’ are regularly forward to the customer for their good reference, if instructed.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy  

We are fully committed to provide a friendly, safe & healthy working environment to all our employees & persons. We encourage all our employees and persons to take an individual responsibility to give utmost priority on safety, health and environment in carrying out their duties.
We are fully committed to manufacture all products through an eco-friendly, environmentally aware and responsible manner.
The specified elements as per RoHS norms in our products are within limit only.
                    Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015