“We are committed to providing our clients - The highest quality products, excellent customer service, cost-effective pricing and on-time delivery.”
We are Jasmin Brass Industries is India based an ISO 9001:2015 certified largest manufacturer and exporter of precision brass components, metal turned parts, brass fittings and fasteners. Company was formed in 1996, and run as family company with a vision to produce and deliver high-quality products at competitve price on time - every time to all our clients around the world...
The company has a strong engineering background and a state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility including Modern Machine shop with CNC Machines, Quality, R&D and Packaging Division in 10,000 sq. feet area. As well as Extrusion Plant in 10,000 sq. feet area.
We have a vast (25+ Years) experience of manufacture and direct export of Precision Brass Components, Brass Turned Parts, CNC Machined Parts, Brass Inserts, Electrical Wiring Accessories, Brass Fittings and Metal Fasteners to the worldwide.
We are well known for our perfection in Quality, Delivery and Price among all our customers. We are always standing to serve our customers for a cost-effective solution with the best quality. Our management peoples and dedicated employees are always working very carefully for zero defects in each stage of the production for every part. And the result is now - We can say,  "QUALITY GUARANTEED"
We are committed to continual improvement in our quality and manufacturing facility. By customer’s feedback, obtain the innovation and employees motivation.
We create long term business relationships, based on our superior quality, premium services, trust and good mutual cooperation with our customers.
For more information about our company and services, Please call at +91-98798 19315 or e-mail info@jasminbrassind.com