brass cnc turned parts
We offer a high-quality Brass CNC Turned Parts, We have a unique CNC machining facility for a wide range of Engineering CNC Components for various sector including Electrical, Electronics, Switchgear, Automotive, Medical Instruments, Piping and Sanitary, Water Valve, LPG & CNG and Plastic Molding Parts.
We provide solutions for CNC Turning / Milling Parts with High Precision Machining made from different materials such as Brass, Copper, Bronze, Gunmetal, Stainless steel, Mild Steel and Aluminum as per Customer’s Designs and Requirements.
Our CNC machined parts have high demand in the national as well as international market for various industries. The company has invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and able to deliver parts with varying turning diameter and high close tolerances.
  • Made from high quality and tested raw materials to give excellent performance.
  • Complex part can be manufactured precisely from 10 microns to 15 microns.
  • Threads as per International Go & Not-Go Standards.
  • Dimensional accurate with tight tolerances.
  • High Precision Machined with Excellent Surface Finish.
  • Customized as per client’s needs.
DIN, ISO, ASTM, AISI, SAE, BS, JIS, GB, & Other International Standards.
Turning diameter between 5mm to 150mm, and Length up to 250mm.
Free Cutting & High-Grade Brass: CuZn39Pb3 / CuZn39Pb2 / CuZn38Pb1.5 / CuZn37 / CuZn40Pb2 / MS 58 / BS2874 / IS 319 (Type I & II)
UNS (ASTM): C35300 / C36000 / C36500 / C37000, BS: CZ121 / CZ122 / CZ124 / CZ128 / CZ131, EN: CW606N / CW612N / CW614N / CW617N, JIS: C3603 / C3604
- Any Free Machining, Lead Free and High Grade Specific Brass Materials.
-Additionally: Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel.
Natural Clean / Nickel Plated / Electro-Tin Plated / Silver Plated / Copper Plated / Zinc Plated / Chrome Plated / Any Specific Surface Finish.
We manufacture CNC Turned Parts and export to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, European Countries & Middle East as per custom specifications / technical drawing / sample piece. Please send us: Inquiry for more information.